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PKMNC: Sade v2 by LindsayPanes PKMNC: Sade v2 by LindsayPanes

:bulletgreen: New art and app! SO EXCITED! New/changed info all around. Sections with added info are marked with :new:

:bulletyellow: Looking for an RP? Send me a note or catch me in the chats!

NAME: :new: Sade Maddox
NICKNAME: Sadey, Baby Doll
GENDER: Female
ZODIAC: Gemini
AGE: 22
CHARACTERISTIC: A little quick tempered

HOBBY: :new: Fishing, clothes shopping, mining
JOB: :new: Metalsmith & Body Piercist

HOMETOWN: Floaroma Town
HISTORY: Sade was adopted as an egg, near the flower-filled town of Floaroma. As a young child, Sade was often spoiled and given all the attention she needed and more by her parents. As she grew older, Sade’s parents payed less attention to her as they needed to help work at the Fuego Ironworks factory, which eventually caused her to rebel against them. In her teens, her father attempted to teach her about the family business, but Sade took no interest in it.

One talent she ended up developing was her skill in forging. Having been raised by a family who often worked in the fires, she learned Flamethrower just as she entered middle school. Sade combined her fiery gift with her unique fashion sense and began making small, assorted accessories that quickly became popular with the girls at her school. Unable to get this attention at home, Sade pursued her talent and started up a small business operation of her own by selling her works around school. Upon entering high school, Sade was now one of the more popular girls and she loved it. She graduated, but decided not to pursue any career path because she felt that everything in the world would be handed to her on a silver platter.

Her parents developed concerns about her life choices and after waiting almost an entire year they confronted their daughter. In the midst of a heated argument, her parents cut off all funding for her frivolities until she learned to act like a mature young lady. Sade retaliated by promptly packing a suitcase and leaving.
She quickly regretted her decision though because she had nowhere to go! In her haste to leave, Sade had forgotten to take her last few Pokédollars from her savings for food and shelter. She sold most of her designer clothing to help pay for a single train ticket, hoping it would bring her somewhere wonderful and full of opportunity.

Sade ended up in Pokette town and unable to buy another train ticket, she stayed. She now travels around town with her tent made of her few remaining clothes to keep her warm at night, collecting bells to survive on her own.

:new: Having lived in Pokette for a full year now, Sade has managed to afford a house and even found a love interest in the town. Though the relationship was short lived, she still is currently happy and enjoying her now full-time job as a metalsmith. She will often go out on days after it has rained to dig up ores and nuggets for work.

ACCESSORIES: :new: Handmade jewellery (2 bronze earrings, 1 sunstone earring, 1 bronze eyebrow piercing, 1 bronze ring, 1 bronze bracelet, 1 thunderstone choker, 1 bronze navel piercing) & silver watch

- When angered, Sade often can’t control her Poisonous Gas so it’s best to clear the area if you aren’t immune.
- She has small retractable claws that she uses to dig for ores.
- Sade has real hair under her tail. You can see the bangs normally, and the back when her tail is down (which is very rare)
- She loves art with a passion! She especially loves art she can collect (like painting, photos, etc ).
- Like most Skuntank, Sade always has her tail up. If it is down, she is putting herself in a very vulnerable state as she would need to lift her tail to release her gas and that would take time.
- Sade is actually a talented swimmer. It was something she taught herself after falling to the river near her hometown while on her way to the Fuego Ironworks.
- Sade doesn't smell all the time. Unless she has just sprayed, she only has a light, musky smell like most Stunky and Skuntank.
- Her tail fur/hair tends to curl and tangle easily in humidity, therefore she is not a fan of the summer heat.
:new: Sade has a very tough and hardy body, because of work and her lifestyle.
:new: Winter and colder temperatures do not seem to bother her because of her thick fur. In the event she gets cold, she will blow a small flame to keep warm.
:new: Along with being a full metalsmith, Sade is now able to pierce holes for customers. Jewellery can be custom fitted for customers as well.
:new: Sade stands at 5'7" and weighs 154lbs

|| Flamethrower
|| Poison Gas
|| Smokescreen
|| Acid Spray

Sade (c) ~LindsayPanes
Pokemon Zodiac Symbol (c) *PockiRabbit
Pokémon (c) Nintendo
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